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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus uses a product of Knowledge Presenter ( a powerful e-learning institution having remarkable international records from 2000. In partnership with Red Chip Solutions, it is internationally represented in United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and East Africa. The partnership's main office is located in India " 'Sadguru Krupa', Office No-4, 1st floor, SN.557/A/11-B, Salisbury Park, Gultekadi, Pune - 411037".

Logistic and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is concerned with strategic choices, sharing of information and resources, coordination of logistics, and capacity to optimize the cost-effective creation of value along a supply chain.
  • SCM aims to cut out inefficiencies in the chain, and increase profits by reducing costs.
  • SCM is about getting material in and out of a factory, and making sure the right parts are coming in from suppliers in the correct quality and quantity.
  • SCM focuses on activities independent of type of business you are conduction.
  • SCM revolves around the activities that take place outside of a company.

The key papers are: Logistic Management, Strategic Supply Chain Management and IT in SCM.

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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus's students are lucky to be connected with a prestigious institution located everywhere in the world. The Worldwide E-Learning Campus have developed the self-learning materials that can be used either online or offline via CDs. It has also a videoconference technology facility.