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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus uses a product of Knowledge Presenter ( a powerful e-learning institution having remarkable international records from 2000. In partnership with Red Chip Solutions, it is internationally represented in United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and East Africa. The partnership's main office is located in India " 'Sadguru Krupa', Office No-4, 1st floor, SN.557/A/11-B, Salisbury Park, Gultekadi, Pune - 411037".

Project Risk Management

The project management consists in project initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing. In this specialization, we make sure that learners get enough skills to use project management techniques/tools easily in any project. In this specialization, Project Risk Management has been taken as an engine due to a simple but important reason.
All projects are subject to uncertainties mainly called Risks, and few project managers are ready for it. In project risk management, uncertainty is systematically managed to increase the likelihood of the project objectives. Therefore, few problems catch the project team off guards. In this program, learners shall develop skills in a way that for any project surprise, they must have an umbrella handily when they shall become project managers.

Specialization papers:

  • Project Management in General Framework
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Risk Management
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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus's students are lucky to be connected with a prestigious institution located everywhere in the world. The Worldwide E-Learning Campus have developed the self-learning materials that can be used either online or offline via CDs. It has also a videoconference technology facility.