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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC) is accredited by the Rwanda Ministry of Education through WDA. This learning portal is also recognised by Azteca University, AUS and UCN for their e-learning courses. It's hence a double advantage since our students (professional/academic) can have a direct progression or top up for further studies. 

Human Resource Management

The HRM prepares HR managers and other professionals for today's technology-intensive environment. The HR is a true and valuable program for managers. The success does come from team work and well-trained staffs who understand the organization. This specialization is designed to help learners think beyond boundaries and apply innovation for productivity whatever the organization behavior. The main specialisation papers are: Strategic Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development: Recruitment, Training and Skills Development; and Organizational Behavior and leadership.
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About WEC
The Worldwide E-Learning Campus's students are lucky to be connected with a prestigious institution located everywhere in the world. The Worldwide E-Learning Campus have developed the self-learning materials that can be used either online or offline via CDs. It has also a videoconference technology facility.