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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC) is accredited by the Rwanda Ministry of Education through WDA. This learning portal is also recognised by Azteca University, AUS and UCN for their e-learning courses. It's hence a double advantage since our students (professional/academic) can have a direct progression or top up for further studies. 

Environmental Management

The most established and accepted global concern is global warming and climate change. The climate change has a direct adverse impact on agriculture leading to food crisis. Globally, at present, 925 million people, 13.1% of global population, are starving for food. Similarly the energy consumption is also exponentiallly rising due to growing demand for energy globally especially in developing countries where development is also one of the major contributors factor for growth in energy demand (Prof. G. N. Pandey). For these reasons, environmental management is a key to better prevent the risk of environmental destruction from our everybody activities. In this program, learners shall make it happen. The key papers are: Global Environment problems and global warming, Land management - Soil pollution and environmental system, and Waste management.
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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus's students are lucky to be connected with a prestigious institution located everywhere in the world. The Worldwide E-Learning Campus have developed the self-learning materials that can be used either online or offline via CDs. It has also a videoconference technology facility.