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The Worldwide E-Learning Campus (WEC) is accredited by the Rwanda Ministry of Education through WDA. This learning portal is also recognised by Azteca University, AUS and UCN for their e-learning courses. It's hence a double advantage since our students (professional/academic) can have a direct progression or top up for further studies. 

Information Technology Management

Now days' trend does require each industry to comply with IT development to survive in this competitive world. This requires managers to be updated in the arsenal of Information Technology as they must manage the whole system. Once IT system goes wrong due to mismanagement, there is no way to come back into the market. This make the specialization more appropriate especially for managers. The key papers are:
  • IT in Business Environment
  • IT Infrastructure and E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce in action.
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About WEC
The Worldwide E-Learning Campus's students are lucky to be connected with a prestigious institution located everywhere in the world. The Worldwide E-Learning Campus have developed the self-learning materials that can be used either online or offline via CDs. It has also a videoconference technology facility.